Custom Crushing/Recycling

Whether in conjunction with the demolition of a structure, the removal of a concrete slab or recycling a stockpile of raw concrete/asphalt material, we can provide customized crushing on-site to recycle and reuse products.

Denney operates four portable crushing machines. They can be adjusted to different sized material for specific uses.

Support Equipment

If requested, Denney can provide delivery of the crushed material using the resources of its Transportation Division.

Crushing-Recycling Custom Contracts

A representative from our Recycling Division is available to meet at the customer’s property to discuss various crushing options. Whether in conjunction with the demolition of a structure, the removal of a concrete slab or recycling a stockpile of raw concrete or asphalt debris, Denney can propose a customized project to suit your needs.

On Site Crushing

Denney is an expert in onsite concrete aggregate crushing and recycling, concrete demolition and asphalt crushing. With four portable crushing machines with conveyors, support equipment and experienced personnel, Denney is capable of  saving our customer significant costs in trucking and dumping charges while conserving the environment.

Crushed Concrete Facts


Crushed concrete can be used for many of the same purposes as crushed stone. It is widely used in compacted granular base and for engineered fill applications.


The properties of crushed concrete have been well studied and documented. For example, see the report prepared by the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center.


Input concrete pieces–maximum dimensions 36” x 36” x 18”.

Re-bar steel is removed with a magnet mounted on the crusher.

Denney can adjust the mobile crushers to deliver various sizes of material. Common sizes are 4” minus, #2s and 1 ½” minus (#53s).

Denney can stockpile the final crushed product on site for the customer’s use.

Other Materials

Asphalt can be crushed for roadbed and parking subsurface preparation and similar purposes. Denney can provide asphalt millings as needed. We can remove debris from topsoil to reclaim it on site.

So far in 2018, Denney Companies have crushed 121,025 Tons of Asphalt and 69,600 Tons of Concrete for Reuse.